About us

Food safety is always a concern in China especially for the infants. The Chinese milk scandal happened in 2008 was a widespread incident that has affected more than 300,000 babies. This tragedy shattered the confidence of people in Chinese-made infant formula, and parents still not trust their babies to local formula.

Same as other Chinese moms, Betsy Yang – the founder of Babytower, always aiming to provide a healthy and safe childhood for her children. In 2006, Betsy started to search for baby formula with safe and nutritious ingredients, and soon her search expanded as she had trouble finding healthy and safe alternatives in nursing essentials, toys, and snacks.

Today, Babytower is a multi-tiered organization engaged in retail, wholesale, distribution, importation, and marketing to millions of customers in China. Our partners come from all over the globe, with more partnerships forming on a monthly basis. As of today, Babytower supplies over 200 Chinese consumer-facing brands within the maternity industry. Our POS distributions include supermarkets, shopping malls, and online shopping sites that cover more than 18 provinces in China. We also own over 35 brick and mortar storefronts in prestige shopping malls in Shandong, China.

Our local and overseas team committed to providing the high-quality international products to your children. Babytower have a very clear understanding of the current trend in China market. We only select and produce the high-quality products that are best for the Chinese. Babytower is a one-stop company that offers full service including purchase, manufacture, operation, custom clearance, and logistic. We are here to help our partners to grow a successful business.